LAUSD: Provide Mid-City's Prescott School of Enriched Sciences Magnet Elementary School with a leader who can partner with parents, is skilled and knowledgeable and can prepare our students for academic success. Replace Principal Gail Greer immediately!

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Mid-City's Prescott School (MCPS) of Enriched Sciences Magnet is a school that is in jeopardy and in desperate need of an immediate change in leadership.  The manifold issues at this school have existed for years and have only recently come to the surface (to the attention of ESC West), thanks to a handful of brave parents willing to stand up for their children's future amidst threats of subtle and overt retaliation from the Administration, staff and teachers.  At the center of these many fundamental issues, is the principal, Dr. Gail Greer.    

Dr. Greer has consistently demonstrated a lack of leadership skills to successfully lead MCPS and help its students succeed in their educational endeavors into the globalized 21st century.  MCPS is a Title 1 school and the ONLY school in Los Angeles Unified School District that is the official feeder school to the Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies (LACES), the #1 high school in LAUSD (U.S. News & World Report Education Rankings).  This unique association distinguishes MCPS from other schools and is a key advantage to students and parents hoping for a strong academic future.  Of the many problems, Dr. Greer possess a deep-rooted dislike for the association between MCPS and LACES, resulting in actions which distance the schools and limit the long term academic success of MCPS students.  She leads with intimidation and retaliation, runs the school as a dictator, is a poor communicator, routinely misleads and masks the truth and severely limits or obstructs all forms of parent participation and communication.  Attempts by parents to get involved in their children’s education and school on any level have been blocked under her Administration. Dr. Greer has single-handedly attempted to destroyed the young PTSA and the reputation of its board members, barring it from operating on the campus.  Rather than embrace parent volunteers and resources, the principal regards parents as interfering with her rule.  Mid-City's Prescott School, teachers, students, parents and community need a leader who acts with integrity and transparency, who is willingly and consistently partners with parents and teachers to ensure the success of students, looks out for the best interests of every students on Mid City’s campus equally (regardless of race, creed, home language, economic status, gender, learning ability, etc.), and who is capable of adapting to a dynamic educational environment. 

On December 14, 2010 the LAUSD Board of Education adopted the Parents As Equal Partners in the Education of their Children resolution. The resolution seeks to expand and deepen parent engagement throughout the District. The resolution specifically called for the creation of the first ever Parents' Bill of Rights and Responsibilities to assist parents and schools in forging stronger partnerships to support student achievement.  Title 1 schools such as Mid City’s Prescott must also demonstrate that the Title 1 Parent Involvement Policy is implemented and successful.  Additionally, the California State Board of Education LCFF and LCAP policies ensure fair budgeting and planning practices are implemented with the right level of oversight and accountability.

However, despite the implementation of this resolution several years ago and the Title 1 requirements, Principal Greer has directly violated these contracts by creating a hostile school environment and community, restricting parent volunteers, conspiring to remove a SSC parent officer who suggested changes and improvements, limiting classroom observation by parents and (by) disabling the PTSA.  This Bill and Policy are created to promote productive conversation and collaboration between parents and school as well as reflect mutual respect and support for each other. In addition, she has also denied parents the rights guaranteed in this Bill, including the right to a welcoming environment that values family assets and contributions to learning and the right to visit their child’s classroom and develop partnerships with teachers and staff.  Furthermore, she has put our children at risk by failing to inform parents in a timely manner about teachers under investigation for misconduct or protect students from teachers with a history of professional issues.  This year, a teacher in the 4th grade was removed for misconduct without informing parents in a timely manner or supporting impacted students.  Meanwhile, the only other 4th grade class has had a revolving door of substitutes this year. A first grade class started with a substitute for the fall term and then abruptly replaced with a permanent, but under-qualified teacher without informing parents.  All of these students have suffered greatly.  Over the past four years, teacher misconduct and many other issues have been brought to Principal Greer but she has failed to resolve them, often denying that the issues exists or not willing to take responsibility or hold responsible parties accountable.  Most significantly, she has not been transparent in regards to funds that our children are entitled to and in such dire need of, created a cultural and racial divide, suspected of falsifying district documents meant to govern the school as well as violated Title 1 federal policies and state and local standards for school governance.

Overall, Principal Greer has proven on numerous occasions that she is unfit to perform the position that she has been assigned and is paid to do by the public.  She is unfamiliar with basic policies and procedures that govern Title 1 schools, LAUSD schools, Magnet schools or California Department of Education standards.  Communication is a major challenge and a fundamental breakdown at MCPS.  Her lack of knowledge in her official capacity results in parents and staff being misinformed of pertinent information, confusion, refusal to accept corrections and most egregious of all - the coverups that follow the errors.  Principal Greer values the loyalty of those who follow her bidding, regardless of their effectiveness as teachers or administrators of the school and students.  She and her handpicked, loyal subjects have resorted to bullying, retaliation, threats, insults, violation of privacy and isolation as a means of discouraging active parents in search of a high quality education, accountability and progress.  Much of the stress is felt by non-English speaking parents who lack translation services, an strong advocate or access to proper resources to support their children.  Parents who are less involved in school life are kept in the dark or misinformed through poor communication, passive-aggressive statements and lack of access to information.  Many teachers have been replaced this year, some investigated and disciplined, some temporarily substituted and some not teaching to standards.  Bad behavior goes unchecked and only addressed when escalated to district officials.  This has resulted in a tremendous drain on district resources. We need a strong leader, who will keep all MCPS children safe and who will bring educationally enriching programs to our school.  A leader who will work with parents, students, staff and community members to restore Mid-City's Prescott School of Enriched Sciences in Los Angeles, California back to the respectable school it once was and a great school that it has the potential to be! The Parents of this community will no longer stand for the intimidation, retaliation, unqualified and rude staff, lack of safety, poor communication, mismanagement of funds, nor this principal's attempt to cover-up how she is really running this school.  

If the goal of a school is to prepare its students for success and the role of a principal to lead the school to reach that goal, then indeed the principal at MCPS has failed the students.  Students are not meeting standards and not prepared for a challenging academic environment at LACES upon graduation.  The promise and potential of a science magnet with a small student body have fallen well below expectations. This has long term consequences for our children.

For months, the concerned parents have escalated these issues to LAUSD District officials.  An overwhelming amount of documented evidence has been gathered and submitted that clearly demonstrate a principal who is ineffective and abuses her authority.  Letters, Uniform Complaint forms, Bullying forms and Incident Reports have all been filed by parents identifying the negative behavior of Dr. Greer.  While the district officials appear sympathetic, their actions to correct the situation are limited.  Recently, Dr. Greer was temporarily removed from the school while the District investigated the concerns hands-on.  The District discovered significant and fundamental process gaps and policy failures which they are in the process of fully implementing.  However, Dr. Greer has been re-instated into her position as principal without any remorse or resolve to change.  In fact, she has returned with bold determination to punish those who stand up to her, ignoring advice and requests for common ground with parents.  Please help us to stop LAUSD from ignoring our pleas and to remove Principal Gail Greer permanently, in order to protect our Children and Community!  Another school year and our students future cannot be lost due to her poor leadership.

Please help us remove Principal Gail Greer from Mid-City's Prescott School of Enriched Sciences Magnet School.  We need your support!


Parents as Equal Partners in the Education of Their Children, a resolution adopted by the Board of Education in December 2010, embraces family strengths and assets as essential to the academic success of students, and recognizes parents as the first and most important lifelong teachers of their children. To that end, families and schools accept responsibility for student success and commit to a partnership that:

  • Maintains high expectations for student achievement
  • Ensures all children are college and career ready
  • Promotes productive conversation and collaboration
  • Reflects mutual respect and support for each other


  • A free, quality education that honors their child’s learning and achievement
  • An education that prepares their child for college and 21st century careers
  • A welcoming environment that values family assets and contributions to learning
  • Know the school’s expectations, educational programs, policies and procedures
  • Translation services in order to communicate effectively with school staff
  • Their school’s Report Card to assess the quality of their child’s school
  • Information about their child’s progress and performance, intervention strategies and learning supports
  • Visit their child’s classroom and develop partnerships with teachers and staff
  • Learning opportunities so they can support education at home and at school
  • File a formal complaint when necessary, without fear of reprisal


  • Promote literacy, high achievement, and a love of learning at home
  • Ensure their child attends school every day, on time, and is ready to learn
  • Monitor and guide their child’s academic progress to ensure success
  • Seek tutoring and other learning supports for their child when needed
  • Explore all campus options and school choices available to their child
  • Conference with teachers and other school staff about their child’s education
  • Participate in school meetings and activities to be informed about the school
  • Express their level of satisfaction through the annual School Experience Survey
  • Provide pertinent information about their child as requested by the school
  • Advocate for their child’s education and for the school’s well-being



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