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Finlay Roberts started this petition to Falmouth University and

We are calling for an end to the systemic racism and discrimination at Falmouth University. Only 4% of students come from “different ethnic backgrounds” and 3.18% of the staff are “non-white” (Quotes from Falmouth Universities ‘EQUALITY AND DIVERSITY ANNUAL REPORT 2019’). Their lack of diversity of both staff and students in an arts institution reflects their lack of support for BAME students. Black students have reported being discriminated against and underrepresented and the institution has continuously ignored reports of racism and bullying from black staff and students.

We are demanding Falmouth University listen to its BAME students and staff and take necessary steps to meet these set of demands in order to close the racial gap and indeed prove that Falmouth is more than just a “positively engaging” institution for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

1. Decolonise the curriculum by further incorporating BAME (Black, Asian and ethnic minority) scholars and practitioners into study material and ask that all teaching staff are actively involved in the research of existing and emerging black academics, creatives and practitioners.

2. Further decolonising the curriculum by including mandatory BAME guest lecturers from different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds from different industries sectors.

3. Incorporate into each course, specific lectures on the influence of Black culture and Black people on specific course subject areas, whilst teaching the importance of respecting other cultures and the importance of not appropriating culture.

4. Increase online and library resources regarding black history, cultural studies and modern day BAME figures across the UK. Increasing supply will enable more in-depth and higher level black culture focused academic work.

5. Increase the number of BAME staff to 30% and ensure they are qualified and not just hired because of their race, tokenistically to meet the statistical requirements.

6. Increase the number of BAME staff in leadership roles to 30% and ensure they are qualified and not just hired because of their race, tokenistically to meet the statistical requirements.

7. Review recruitment and ensure there is an equal number of Black, asian and ethnic minority  students as White students on each course. Invest in research into why BAME students are not applying or getting accepted into Falmouth and result in appropriately changing your approach to encourage more BAME students. Provide a more active outreach to black backgrounds at secondary schools and college levels, reducing barriers and constantly reviewing progress more in-depth in each step till acceptance to come to Falmouth university.

8. In Falmouth University’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Reports, disclose the statistical information of the specific numbers of black students and staff. Do not continue to publish statistics of BAME races grouped together or refer to Black, Asian or Ethnic minorities as “non-white” as it is encouraging erasure of identity.

9. Disclose statistical information on the BAME pay gap and take necessary steps to close this gap. Disclose continuation rates for  Black, Asian, Ethnic minority and White students, showing the percentage of students who go on to re-enrol the following year. Implement strategies that improve outcomes for Black students and close continuation rate gaps between all ethnic minorities and white students, if applicable. Release with a full timeline of how you plan to do so with transparency at all stages.

10. Show solidarity with Black students and staff by making a public donation to the Black Lives Matter movement and funds that allow black people from disadvantaged backgrounds to have access to the arts.

11. Employ 5 new councillors of colour trained in mental health and ensure that all councillors have anti-racism training.

12. The university should actively find sources to fund scholarships and bursaries for ethnic minorities.

13. Implement mandatory face-to-face anti-racism, racial diversity and cultural & racial sensitivity training for staff at the beginning of each academic year and for students upon enrolment to the university and at multiple times during the year.

14. Fast track the process for complaints regarding racism, race discrimination and cultural insensitivity. Create new and open up existing case files to monitor offences and further prevent recurrence by enacting disciplinary measures. If there are repeated complaints about specific individuals, implement mandatory training. Put in place a zero tolerance action plan that is frequently highlighted and accessible to all study & staff body, so that all are aware of the procedure of disciplinary action. Provide details to all students on how to make a complaint and provide follow up details. Research and put into effect ways to reassure and remind students the importance of coming forward and making a complaint.

15. Provide a block grant and invest in the African Caribbean Society and other societies that promote diversity, equality or inclusion, so they are able to run events without relying on membership funds only.

16. The University and the student union should actively celebrate, support and promote these societies and everything they do, and show support to committee members and black students who organise events.

17. Use the enrolment week and freshers fair to push the visibility of communities put in place for black students.

18. Black History Month events, the black experience of students and all ethnic minority cultural celebrations cannot be fully left on the shoulders of diversity societies and representatives, Falmouth University need to produce their own or outsource these events that are actually in line with students desires.

19. The Careers and Employability team should implement strategies and place particular focus on supporting black students in the creative and cultural sectors, who may face barriers to entry.

20. The university and each departments social media should be actively involved in anti-racist education and continuously state a zero-tolerance action plan to stop promoting businesses or individuals who don’t.

21. Actively Remind all students of your solidarity to Black, Asian and ethnic minorities by following on the progress on all of these demands, sending monthly updates via email to the student body.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!