Change the name of George Mason High School to better reflect our values.

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In September 1961, George Mason High School was desegregated, so when our new high school building opens in 2021, it will be the 60th anniversary of the year three black children bravely walked into GMHS. It is time to consider a new name for our high school. No slaveholder’s name should be on the new building that we want to be a shining example of our community’s commitment to education, community and unity. George Mason does not reflect the values we want to teach our children nor is he relevant in our time. George Mason was a slaveholder with everything that entails. See this GMU site for details:

Many will tout George Mason's contributions as outweighing his flaws. Slavery is more than just a flaw, it is an abomination. George Mason's greatest contribution was the Virginia Bill of Rights, which informed the U.S. Bill of Rights. Those rights were mostly for white landowners no matter their lofty words - they did not apply to slaves or non-citizens. George Mason was also a Virginia delegate to the constitutional convention and he refused to sign the constitution and lobbied to keep Virginia from ratifying it. He was upset that the convention wanted to ratify the constitution without a bill of rights (added it later) and he realized that the draft didn’t acknowledge that America would keep slavery in the states where it was already present. He was also troubled by the draft of the Constitution because it didn’t talk about the immediate halt of the importation of the slaves. His desire to abolish the slave trade has nothing to do with slavery, but more to do with the fact that Virginia had plenty of slaves (40% of the population) and economically it was better for Virginia if no more slaves were brought from Africa.