Ask Nykaa to REDUCE PLASTIC on packaging of delivered products

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Climate change is real. It is happening now, to all of us, and to everything we care about. As a millennial that has a roof over her head and food to eat, I could've cared less, but with the news that we have 128 months to reverse otherwise irreversible damage, I want things to change.

Nykaa is an online beauty hub for India, a kind of mockup if Sephora, and Amazon were to have a baby, delivering products right to your doorstep. I love Nykaa, and I use their services often, but this time, when I received my packaging, I saw that a mascara bottle made from plastic, in its own box, was layered with three more layers of plastic than necessary. Not just this, the eyeliner and the cream I ordered both had enough of their own packaging to survive spillage. 

I would agree with glass bottled products, or fragile items being wrapped up to keep from being damaged, but why waste so much wrapping on products that are clearly far from being damaged during shipping? Do we really need the excessive packaging? Can we not do without it? Of course we can.

I am only targeting Nykaa today, but it could be bigger corporations like Amazon tomorrow. Help me, help yourself, help reduce the impact we have on the environment, ask them to reduce the plastic used in their packaging. This is one small step to something bigger than all of us combined. If Nykaa can listen, so can other companies.