Justice for harsh and madhav #punishkomal

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Only we can help us lets unite!

And stand for justice this thing has to be change' For equality.

no police non any other organization can help us because nowadays its being a trend to molest innocent males in the name of feminism this has to be changed day before a lady comes up in social media plattform by abusing and threating males in the street and abusing the army officer and today in noida one incident took place inside the college campus where a girl named kommal kumar from amity university noida called up 25 goons for beating up two boys for just a small issue of car parking they all beated those two boys very badly infact other students also gets hurt when the college authority gathered they all ran away for the fear of police but when those two boys went out of the college campus they again started beating them with rod and bricks and they got heavily injured after that those two boys frnds suggested them to file a FIR. And they went to police station and they got shocked and surprised bcz an FIR already registered against them for molesting the girls and of eve teasing.

In the name of this fuckingggg feminism.

Which only stand for girls and they use their rights in the wrong way!

Sadly but i know this case will go to kommal favor at the end because  feminism  comes up for Women empowerment  and She belongs to high rich class family and she has filed a false case statement before harsh madhav could went to the police station for FIR.

Lets help them to fight against this fake feminist. 

#Don't misuse your rights.

#don't make false statement 

#equality stands for all.

Fake feminism makes false equivalences.