Join the Fight to Save Democracy. #RCVnow

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Our democracy is in crisis and we can do something about it. Extremism and government gridlock are entrenched and on the rise. Too many voters have given up and stopped turning out for elections.

The solution isn’t just electing better people We need a better election system. Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) is a proven, common-sense solution that can turn our political dysfunction around. And we need it NOW.

RCV puts more power in the hands of the voters.

By letting voters rank their ballots, it gives them more choice and ensures winners earn a mandate of the people. It eliminates split votes and the spoiler effect, increases turnout, fosters diversity and civility, reduces the influence of money in politics, and elects candidates accountable to a majority of voters, rather than to a radical base.

Minnesotans in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and soon St. Louis Park, use RCV to elect their city officials. It’s used in many cities across the country and Maine used it successfully this year for their state and federal primaries.

The time is now! Sign this petition to demand our elected officials institute Ranked Choice Voting for Minnesota’s statewide elections so we can fix our broken democracy.

I’m joining the movement to use Ranked Choice Voting in local, state, and federal elections.