Fairness for Mikovits!

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Fairness for Mikovits!

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BECAUSE we have raised funds and donated to the Whittemore Peterson Institute  for two years solely or mainly  due to our trust and faith in Dr. Judy Mikovits, we ask that the Whittemore Peterson Institute acknowledge the importance of our patient support by treating Dr. Judy Mikovits fairly. 

We the undersigned patients afflicted with neuroimmune diseases, along with our families, friends and caregivers, respectfully request the Whittemore Peterson Institute to:

1.  Assure that all of Dr. Mikovits' research materials have been returned to her, and immediately return any of research materials, if any, which are still in the possession of the Whittemore Peterson Institute, or which the Whittemore Peterson Institute has forwarded to anyone else. 

2.  Request the NIH to transfer to Dr. Judy Mikovits the current R01 NIH grant and any other NIH funding currently going to WPI which was awarded during Dr. Mikovits' employment at WPI.  This request is made in order to allow Dr. Mikovits to continue her HGRV research elsewhere.

3.  Assist and facilitate the transfer of documentation and patient information, along with all cell lines and other laboratory materials that pertain to the NIH R01 grant and all other grants which Dr. Judy Mikovits is working on, in order to facilitate her continued studies in HGRV research.

4.  Take no action which would intentionally damage Dr. Judy Mikovits' reputation or credibility.

5.  Take no legal action whatsoever against Dr. Judy Mikovits.

6.  Assist in good faith , in any way requested by Dr. Judy Mikovits, for the continuation of Dr. Mikovits' research studies.

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