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Fairfax Town Council: No Chevron Station & Extra Mile Store in Fairfax

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THANK YOU for signing the petition to keep Chevron out of Fairfax and an extra thanks to those of you who wrote letters and came to the hearings on December 5 and January 15.   Your voices were heard by the Fairfax Town Council and, as you probably know, the council REJECTED the application.  (See Marin IJ article:  The council officially approved the Resolution at the last meeting on February  5!

WHAT’S NEXT:  It is extremely important that the Fairfax community remain involved in the conversation surrounding the future of this lot.  It is currently for sale, and the Town has engaged in negotiations with the owner.  But the decision to buy this property would need to be approved by the Town Council.   They need support from the community to help them make this decision.



1)      Come to the Thursday, Feb 13, Fairfax Town Council Meeting- 6pm – Fairfax Women’s Club (46 Park Road, Fairfax).  This will be a short meeting to address agenda items from the last meeting.  The sale of the property is not on the agenda, but public comment can be provided during the “Open Time for Public Expression” near the beginning of the meeting.   

2)      Write to each Fairfax Town Council member as well as Michele Gardner, the Town Clerk,

a.       David Weinsoff:

b.      Larry Bragman:

c.       John Reed:

d.      Renee Goddard:

e.      Barbara Coler:


Mayor David Weinsoff made a plea to the community at the January 15 hearing for more community involvement in preparing the budget.  Please come to this meeting and give the mayor your best ideas about how to balance the town budget!

Special Town Budget Meeting

Saturday March 22, 10 am -12:00pm

You can find the current budget on the Town of Fairfax website:

STAY TUNED FOR NEW FACEBOOK PAGE – FAIRFAX ENGAGE!  (For now, please join the No Chevron in Fairfax facebook page, if you haven’t already: )

Again, THANK YOU for stepping up and opposing the Chevron Gas Station.  You have protected the character of our Town, and supported its VISION for a healthy, safe, environmentally friendly and pedestrian-focused Fairfax.


Please ask the town council to stop plans for a new Chevron gas station and convenience store in town. Help protect the character and safety of our small town!

A little background:

Last September, the Fairfax Planning Commission approved a Chevron Service Station and Extra Mile Convenience store at 2001 Sir Francis Drake, right across from the old Good Earth (and soon to be Mountain Bike Museum). It was appealed by a council member and was heard by the Fairfax Council on Wednesday, December 4.  

Over 100 people showed in opposition to this proposal and many stayed until midnight to make sure their voices were heard. The Fairfax Town Council continued the hearing and public comment to Wednesday, January 15, 2014.  It will be very important for people to show up at this hearing as well.

The Top Reasons Why We Say “No!” To Chevron In Fairfax


 2.      CREATES UNSAFE CONDITIONS. Traffic flow issues will make our streets more dangerous for our kids, pedestrians and bikers.

 3.      INCREASES AIR POLLUTION. More air pollution from increased traffic, car idling and vapors from pumps. (This station is right next to a heavy pedestrian area of downtown including Scoop, Fat Angel, and Coffee Roastery.)

4.      CAUSES CONTAMINATION.  Chevron was sited for violating anti-pollution laws at gas stations in 32 counties:

6.      TARNISHES CHARM OF FAIRFAX.  The Town of Fairfax General Plan focuses on preserving the "unique character"of Fairfax. 

7.      GOES AGAINST FAIRFAX CLIMATE ACTION PLAN. The Fairfax General Plan focuses on alternative energy, mass transit, bikes and other ways to cut greenhouse gas emissions. 

8.      WHAT ABOUT OUR ZERO WASTE GOALS? Fairfax has a zero waste resolution with goals to be met by 2020. A convenience store in the town center will sabotage these efforts, creating more waste from wrappers, cans and bottles. 

9.      VIOLATES TOWN POLICY.  The General Plan adopted by the council for 2010-2013 focuses on protecting the uniquness of Fairfax, and supporting pedestrian and bicycle access to the town.  Recommendations in the plan for changes to the KLAUS/BROADWAY/BOLINAS intersection conflict with this gas station proposal.

10.    DOES NOT FIT WITH FAIRFAX. Fairfax is flowering. Across the street from this site we have a mountain bike museum on the way, next to a vibrant outlet for local artisans to sell their wares.  Other recent additions include the new Good Earth, a new and very successful wine bar and a widely acclaimed bike pub. This development  will not complement the community-focused businesses we have.

We would rather see this newly remediated site used for something that would bring more quality of life, as well as more revenue, to Fairfax. 


1)  Sign this petition

2)  Write to the Fairfax Town council by emailing the Fairfax Town Clerk Michelle Gardner at and ask her to "please distribute to council members."

3)  Share this petition with like-minded friends and family.

4)  Join our Facebook group at 

5) Come to the hearing on January 15, 2014 at 7pm at the Fairfax Women's Club, 46 Park Road, Fairfax to offer public comment.


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