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Allow Mr. Grapin and his two boys keep their tree house.

Mr. Grapin made a promise to his two boys before leaving for Iraq that when he came home he would build for them a tree house. He followed through with his promise, and made the right calls to the country concerning any permits, and was told he would not need anything and that it was safe to build it.

Now the County Zoning Board of Fairfax Country, VA wants him to take down the finished Tree House because his backyard is actually considered another front yard due to his house being on a corner lot, and thus requires zoning permits that he was told he did not need.

This Tree House is a symbol of a promise of safe return to his two boys from Iraq, and it is a promise that should stand and shine proudly. Mr. Grapin kept his promise, and the boys should be able to KEEP their fathers promise too, and enjoy that special Tree House to its fullest extent.


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