Vote No on New Fairfax County Admissions Changes to TJ

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The Coalition for TJ, an organization of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science snd Technology parents, students, alumni and community members, opposes the lottery system that Fairfax County Public Schools has issued to replace the current academic-based admissions process for TJ. There will be no objective admissions test, no problem-solving essay, and no opportunity for teacher recommendations in the new plan, among many problems with the lottery.
This plan is an example of decision making by committee and will ultimately lead to the erosion of TJ and its STEM excellence, without addressing the important goal of increasing the number of underrepresented minorities at TJ by better preparing students in younger grades to attend TJ.  

We encourage all community members to express their opposition to the lottery admissions process proposed by Fairfax County officials and to the wider efforts by Virginia education officials to eliminate merit-based admissions at TJ. We are committed to advocating for diversity and excellence at America’s No. 1 high school, home to a community of diverse, inspiring students. Vote NO on this plan and ENGAGE with the community to identify more effective solutions.