Let Hunter Basinger Walk.

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The Fairfax County Public School Board has denied a former student of South County High school, Hunter Basinger, the right to walk at her class' graduation. Hunter Basinger attended South County High School up to the end of 11th grade. Due to the paralysis of her mother and other health issues she had to be the aide to her mother and disenroll from South County. On top of being an aide she was dealing with her own personal struggles. Hunter went on and received her GED while taking care of her mother. She then enrolled into Northern Virginia Community College and has finished her first semester with all A's, thus making the President's List. As a contributing member of society she deserves this more than your average student. 

Hunter Received her GED through the IAS (Interagency Alternative Schools) Grants program directly funded by Fairfax County Public Schools. A GED is a General Educational Development Degree. To obtain a GED you have to first pass a series of exams to get into the program. Once you pass into the program you then have to study the same curriculum as high school students but at an accelerated pace. There are four different tests: Science, Math, Social Studies, and English. You have to pass with a score of 145 out of 200. After completing all of these tests you typically study for about 6 months and then receive your diploma.

Hunter was told by administration that she could not graduate with her class because of a Fairfax County policy. The policy that is hindering her from graduating with her class is policy 2475 that states the commencement policy for all Fairfax County Public Schools. In Section III. "Requirements" sub-section A states "Students completing their diploma requirements through FCPS Interagency schools shall be given the option of participating in commencement activities with their base school unless prohibited by the FCPS Hearings Office or School Board." Hunter received her diploma from an IAS Program so you would think that she has fulfilled the requirements. However, apparently in the policy where it says "diploma" it means a Standard or Advanced degree. A GED is not considered a diploma. Even though it is an equivalency degree thus, making it the same thing as a diploma. The School Board has prohibited her despite the overwhelming support from the graduating class, other students, former students, students from other counties, families, and administration.

The main reason Hunter wants to walk with her class is because her mother is very ill and because her brother Westlein is walking too. She has decided not to go to her GED graduation because it is 6 days before her brother's. That means her mother would have to get out of bed twice in a week or choose between the two graduations. It takes a lot of energy for her mother to get out of bed and so Hunter has decided not to give her a second option. Please sign and share this petition if you would like to give Hunter the opportunity to walk with her brother and class at graduation and give her mother the chance of seeing her youngest children walk the stage.

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