Fairfax County Parks Budget Needs Your Help!

Fairfax County Parks Budget Needs Your Help!

April 5, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Catherine Ledec


The proposed FY23 budget for the Fairfax County Park Authority (FCPA) would have a disastrous impact on Parks.

FCPA funding is proposed at near 2008 levels with 2008 cuts unrestored.  

This prevents the FCPA from achieving its mission: To enrich quality of life for all members of the community through an enduring park system that provides a healthy environment, preserves natural and cultural heritage, offers inspiring recreational experiences and promotes healthy lifestyles.

The FCPA may have to hold critical positions vacant, cut and/or reduce programs, and reduce hours at visitor centers.  


By signing this petition, our voices join together to call on the Board of Supervisors and County Executive to immediately increase the FY23 FCPA budget, by approving the following requested funding levels:

1.     $5 million to provide funds for the implementation of the One Fairfax program, with continued funding at this or higher level for FY24 and beyond.  

2.     $751,954 to provide funds to implement sustainable natural resource management in Fairfax County Parks, with continued funding at this or higher level for FY24 and beyond.  

3.     Increase FCPA’s allocated share of the General Fund (before revenue sharing with schools) from 0.6% to 1%, specifically to increase funding for sustainable natural resources management.

4.     In addition, reject the County Executive’s proposed FY23 bond cycle change, maintaining the 4-year bond cycle and increasing this to $150 million every 4 years. This should include the option to approve an off-cycle bond issue that would cover the unfunded backlog of capital maintenance and repair projects ($250million) in our aging FCPA buildings and infrastructure.

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Signatures: 891Next Goal: 1,000
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