Arrest Fairfax County Detective Darrin DeCoster and reinvestigate all his past cases

Arrest Fairfax County Detective Darrin DeCoster and reinvestigate all his past cases

August 3, 2020
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Started by Victor Zheng

On October 3rd, 2013, Detective DeCoster had me arrested for charges of rape and abduction with intent to defile. The accuser, Jenny Zhang, claimed that she was raped sometime between March 1st - June 1st of 2012, and claimed that I was a stalker who was infatuated with her.

Detective DeCoster actually had evidence that Jenny Zhang was lying about her accusations. He had access to her records (she has a history of going to the police for making accusations), he was aware of her serious borderline personality disorder, there were huge discrepancies between Jenny and her friend's statements (her friend supposedly “witnessed” the event), and there were over 40,000 social media messages between Jenny and me that could generally prove where I was every single day.

Regardless, DeCoster went to the magistrate and lied about having a confession (I never confessed to anything) and he told the magistrate that Jenny and her friends statements matched (which is entirely false). By lying to the magistrate, DeCoster was able to procure two felony warrants for my arrest.

The charges were dropped at the preliminary hearing when Jenny and DeCoster were confronted with all of this evidence again. DeCoster made no comment while Jenny tried to change the year of when she was raped. She actually went back and forth of whether it happened in 2012 or 2013. Neither of her timelines could work because most of the time, I was not physically even in my house where the supposed allegations took place.

The damage was already done. I lost 60,000 dollars in legal fees, lost a semester of school, I was arrested in front of my peers, and I faced the possibility of life in prison for a crime I did not commit. DeCoster has a history of abusing his powers and has also arrested innocent people in the past. In Fairfax County, according to many lawyers I have talked to who wish to remain anonymous, DeCoster has a reputation for lying, for being abusive, and for needlessly arresting people. DeCoster has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that his reckless and dangerous behavior has resulted in a lot of strife for many innocent people. There is also no telling how many innocent people he may have helped to convict who are sitting in jail as a result of DeCoster's depraved investigative tactics.

This video included in this petition has all the details on my case, including footage from my interrogation, a recording of my telephone sting, conflicting and awkward statements from Jenny's friend, and much more. 

This other video has footage from a case DeCoster handled in 2011 where he coerced a false confession out of an innocent man named Russell. Russell was eventually exonerated but he spent 18 months in jail for a crime he did not commit.

Jenny Zhang has a history of making accusations. She has accused a classmate of ours, David Nguyen, of sexual assault and kidnapping in 2011. That case ended in a conviction. Jenny and her father also called the police on me in 2014 after seeing me at a local gym. I was not even aware the police were called and this happened after witnesses shared what they saw. According to them, Jenny and her family could not explain why they called the police. Nothing happened as a result.

Both Detective DeCoster and Jenny Zhang have not faced consequences for their actions. They both have a history of malicious and patterned tendencies to hurt people that have never been addressed. I need your help to hold these two accountable for their criminal behaviors. Detective DeCoster has proven that he has no qualms with arresting people without evidence and will lie to magistrates to procure arrest warrants. Jenny Zhang has a serious personality disorder that has never been truly dealt with and has shown that she is happy to go to the police whenever she wants to achieve her desire of revenge.

I need this sense of justice and closure. Most importantly, I need to have this peace of mind that these two individuals are not harming anyone else. My obligation is to share my story in order to have a chance of discontinuing the belligerent actions of these two individuals.


*NOTE* Please do not donate. The funds do not go to me or any fundraiser. I am doing this in order to highlight the issue and bring attention to the fact that the Fairfax County Police has continued to support and protect two dangerous individuals that need to be held accountable for their criminal behavior.***

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Signatures: 5,031Next Goal: 7,500
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