Fair Treatment Access Against Discrimination and Unlawful Abuse of Human Rights

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          Video of Everyday People Being Treated Poorly and Abused

  • This is a Petition to Raise Awareness about people being abused and treated unfair because of their disability. It's not the fault of people who suffer from pain; it's the fault of our society which has let their treatment options get out of control.
  • Millions of People Around the World are being denied important medical treatment and they are being blackballed for having disability and unwanted pain. Innocent people are being treated like criminals and addicts which violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • The Crackdown on Painkiller Abuse has gone way too fare according to the DEA and Media sources. The real people suffering like Cancer Patients and Intractable Pain Patients are being denied treatment. Many are dying in severe pain unnecessarily because the big pharmacies are overreaching their authority on legitimate people rights to be treated fair.
  • Crime and Prescription Abuse Rates have fallen dramatically all over the world. Now, it's time to stop the bullying, stop the denials, stop the name calling, stop the discrimination and lets stop being blackballed by corporate institutions who think they don't have to treat us equally under the laws that we have fought and died for.

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