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There is a video going viral of an undercover investigation made at Fair Oaks Farm. The animal abuse seen here is heart wrenching & nauseating. If you can stomach the video, you’ll see what I mean. Calf’s being pushed, punched, kicked & thrown into trucks. Force fed, under fed & left in 100 + degree whether to perish. Dying left & right, and discarded like nothing ever happened. This farm distributes it’s milk through the Coca Cola Company. Their brand is Fair Life - which isn’t even close to the truth seen at their farm, behind the scenes. I am calling to boycott this company because whether you eat meat or not, this neglect shouldn’t go unnoticed. I’m writing this in tears, for no animal should spend its life being abused. So, if you’re with me - take a second to sign this & stop buying their products in hopes a change will be made. 

A link to the video, if you can stomach it, is found here: