Boycott Fair Oaks Farm and Coca Cola

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ARM Investigations did a 3 month long undercover investigation in Fair Oaks Farm. Fair Oaks Farm produces a large percent of America’s Dairy. It has been popularized due to its “Fairlife” milk which includes a great amount more protein and half the sugar of normal milk. 

In their investigation they found many things the worst were 

- the cruel inhuman way they treat their cows more specifically their calves

- how Fair Oaks sends their male calves to veal factories after repeatedly stating they don’t. 

It is so hard to get action on taking down a big corporation like this but they can’t function if they are not getting business. 

Please help my efforts to boycott Fair Oaks farm, even if you choose to consume dairy and cow products, you do not have to support the evil ways of obtaining it like Fair Oaks. 

If you are interested in learning more about why we should Boycott Fair Oaks Farm I’ve included more information about their investigation