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Staff of the 'Faculty Of Veterinary Medicine Cairo University' threw dogs off the third floor after experimenting on them.

According to a video taken by a student of the Cairo Vet Faculty and word of mouth by the same student, members of the university staff do research on animals and the dogs, after experimenting on them, were thrown out of the window from the 3rd floor, tied and dragged.  

See video on our website:

Letter to
Faculty Of Veterinary Medicine Cairo University, Egypt
I just signed the following petition addressed to:

The Dean of the Faculty Of Veterinary Medicine Cairo University, Egypt.


Stop experimenting on animals!
Stop abusing animals!


A horrifying and shocking video has been circulating on Youtube, where the staff of your college are throwing dogs off the third floor, after they have used these dogs to experiment on.

Is this the standard way of disposing of the dogs at your institution, and are you not able to stop this from happening?

The world is watching this video. You and your staff bring shame upon your country. There is no excuse for such unnecessary cruelty and heartlessness.

What have you to say in their defence and yours, Dean of FOVMCU?


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