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Please tell the DEA to not harass doctors for prescribing opioids to chronic pain patients

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There is an attack happening right now in the U.S.. It is killing people and harming many more! It is hurting our economy! Our government is wasting money on it! That attack is what the DEA is doing that harms chronic pain patients!! As many of you know there is a war on drugs in this country, what that war is doing is taking away many opioid pain relievers that help thousands of people. Many are going to say that is good news. Will it stop illegal use of prescription drugs? Maybe a little. Many people are not aware that drug dealers have found a way to produce illegal street version of fentanyl, which the most dangerous of all drugs. Many people have overdosed on drugs and when people think they are getting heroin, they are actually getting fentanyl. Street fentanyl is cheaper, so dealers make a lot more money by passing it off as heroin. When people overdose because of this, the toxicology report comes back as a prescription overdose, when it actually wasn't. Studies have shown that people on an opioid that has been prescribed for their horrible pain, do not become addicted. 95%-99%, depending on which study you look at, who are on an opioid doctor managed plan do not become addicted!! Please stop this unwarranted attack by the DEA!! Thousands of people have been negatively affected by the recent CDC guidelines to control opioids. These people are your friends and neighbors, many of whom suffer in silence. Suicide rates due to chronic pain are starting to rise. Stop this by telling the DEA to stop this nonsense!!

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