Paladins add on Faceit

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Hey !

You like Paladins, you like competitive gaming and Esport ?
If yes this petition is made for you !

There is a website called Faceit who can develop the esport scene on Paladins !

If you don't know Faceit :
Faceit is a website centered on esport
This website is very popular on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and other games (Lol, Smite, Dota 2 and more)

" Adding new games isn’t that simple but if there’s a big push from the community of the game that could certainly help both us and Hirez "  ! By Michele Attisani Co-founder @FACEIT

What faceit could bring to Paladins.
New Raking by Levels ( 1-10 )
Leaderboards by regions and Countries
A better matchmaking, less afk/trolls
We can do also premade games ( team vs team ) and Premium games
It's simple to create/participate tournaments/leagues.
Play tournaments/leagues to buy in Shop Items Hardware, other games or Paladins if Hi-Rez are giving crystals ?
Client Faceit for quick chat, navigation and notifications.

If you are interested sign and share this petition !
All of those things can only happen on Faceit.

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