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We would like "Tr*nny" Bingo, Facebook and the venues that host these events to desist in using pronouns/terms/words that have a direct negative impact on the Trans* community

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This is important because of the inherent violence often directed towards the Trans* and sometimes Intersex* communities due to words like tr*nny, sh*male, etc.

We understand people that feel there are rights in regards to identity politics and to some extent this is true. However, most drag queens do not identify as Trans* and do not endure the oppressive social disadvantages that we, as a minority  face daily. In some parts of the world, to be Trans* is a death sentence. In other corners of the globe it can mean homelessness, social stigma, vilification, unemployment, extreme marginalization, which consequently can lead to post traumatic stress disorder, depression or other secondary mental health issues and often does.

Words such as Tr*nny, sh*male, or other such pejoratives teach society that its OK to devalue Trans* people and treat them with less respect than others. We have articulated on countless occasions that we do not accept this terminology, or feel safe when its used in our presence.  Oppression and violence is insinuated and implied within the definition of these words and that bring nothing positive to our lives.

These slurrs are often the last thing people who are Trans* hear when transphobia is directed toward them in the form of physical violence. Usually for doing nothing other than trying to live and get by. We do not believe all words should be reclaimed. In this case, the general safety of an oppressed community such as Trans* and some Intersex people outweighs the usage of derogatory terminology referencing us. It might be a surprise to some that there are words that are not accepted in everyday society. Examples include the “F” word (F*ggot) pertaining to sexual orientation which is banned from facebook or the “R” (r*tard") word for people who suffer from various mental health situations.  Each of them are equally insidious in their delivery and outcomes.

We dont have a problem with self identify or identity politics the issue is the branding of "Tr*nny" Bingo is drapped over drinking establisments in plarge signage and and is a trigger for Trans people that live in these area's and could also put them in danger. We do not wish to shut the event down or for Penny to be negatively impacted with her business we just seek for TB to change the name. If necessary we will help crowd fund the name change as we understand changing a brand name can cost money.

They serve only to point out an implied lack of privilege and standing in society, and bring physical and mental harm to the group referenced. It has been pointed out to us on many occasions that comparing the “T” word with the “N” word is an unfair comparison, however, bigotry is what it is and people who discriminate often use ridicule to shut us down. Its all the same and every flavour of bigotry seeks the same outcome to those on the receiving end.

We ask that Facebook and associated venues that host this language, and/or offensive pronouns that imply hate through usage take action and do the right thing, by disallowing their use.

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