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Facebook: To successfully petition Facebook to change their Terms of Service.

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Mission statement

· We are for the betterment of society. We guard against the violation of liberties and freedoms afforded every person in the global community. We guard against censorship of adult activities. We guard against the censorship of art. Therefore, we desire to successfully petition Facebook to help us in this endeavor by changing their Terms of Service.


Art, Alternative Lifestyles, Mature Humor, Dark Matter, Mature Matter, Free Speech

Art, Alternative Lifestyles, Mature Humor, Dark Matter, Mature Matter, and Free Speech have been debatable topics for generations. Social networking will remain to be a platform for debates. We ask Facebook to recognize it is a media platform entity with the same duty and responsibility to the community that the journalism media platform owns. The Associated Press Managing Editors Ethics Code, under Integrity, states: “The newspaper should strive for impartial treatment of issues and dispassionate handling of controversial subjects. It should provide a forum for the exchange of comment and criticism,… (Code of Ethics. Integrity. Paragraph 1)”. It is important that Facebook, as a media platform, maintain a separation so as to not become a tool of a select few against many.

We believe this perspective will be profitable to Facebook, and will provide a better community service.

Underage Viewing and Rating System

The consideration of viewing mature content by underage persons has not escaped us. We believe young people should be protected against violence upon them by sexual criminals and the like, but, this obligation is the concern of federal law enforcement. We believe children should have parental guidance in shaping their character. However, this should not be done by banning content not deemed pious. It should be done by parents controlling their children’s surfing habits, and through communication. Parents are the front line and they should shoulder full responsibility of what they allow their kids to watch. Many of us, the petitioners, are parents and take full responsibility for our children.

In addition, we believe there are alternative methods that could aid in the prevention of accidental viewing of mature content by underage persons, such as implementing a rating feature on all pages and possibly even accounts.

A ratings system would provide many new opportunities for Facebook marketing strategies to advertisers, as well as providing a needed and desired service to every global member. We request pages be required to be rated as G- mature. From this point on, news feeds could be regulated by not including anything above a G rating OR newsfeed can be regulated on an individual’s chosen settings. Facebook could compartmentalize with devoted servers for children and adults wishing to view only pious content. Software filters could easily censor traffic between accounts.


A Change in Handling of Content Reports

We seek a free and open global community for the betterment of society. Too often throughout history there have been oppressed groups silenced by the righteous. The perspective of cleansing communities for the good is a dangerous slope to begin on. Race purification is as dangerous as art censorship, and the censorship of others’ lifestyle choices and views. It is the unjustified persecution of alternative views and expressions that harm humanity. As we grow larger in numbers, our ability to show tolerance and individualism will be our commanding strength. Facebook, this is where you can have the best and largest impact. We ask for Facebook to adopt a stance similar to that of the UN equality statement. We ask that Facebook begin a more tolerant view of freedom, and position itself as to not allow extreme and unjustified discriminatory actions. This can be accomplished through small regulatory changes in the reporting system.

Currently, the reporting system is consuming Facebook resources due to bloated reporting. Bloated reporting occurs due to a few reasons, bias and discrimination being the obvious. Many reports are from rival page owners, usually ones that are previous administrators of the page they are reporting. We propose making responsible changes to the reporting process. For instance, a standard filter to prevent more than a minimal number of reports from members sharing common groups or friends could sift out choreographed reports, as well as a filter to prevent more than a fair share of reports per individual per day.

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