Take down Roddur Roy's Youtube & Facebook Videos

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This letter is in reference to the channel of one Youtuber, Mr.Roddur Roy and his Facebook page

This man has been uploading videos regularly since last four years or so distorting our cultural icon, Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore's celebrated compositions using abusive,filthy, un-parliamentary language and making a perverted mockery of the genre of music called Rabindra-Sangeet.T his was hitherto ignored considering the fact that any individual may have the choice of not liking any particular form of art(be it literature or music).But since this act has now magnified into a heinous crime and we, as Indians and a sensitive, educated community look upto Rabindranath Tagore as our father figure we now find it obligatory to humbly submit our complaint to your good sense. We will be obliged if you look into the matter and block his YouTube Channel and Facebook Page so that this does not become an epidemic and affect the present generation.

As a citizen of India, and a citizen of Bengal, the hometown of the noble laureate Sri Rabindranath Tagore, feel ashamed, slighted by the audacity of this individual, Roddur Roy, with the same mother tongue as us, who has been deliberately resorting to using Rabindranath Tagore’s literary works, his songs and replacing it with vulgar words and uploading it on his Youtube channel. This is the most disturbing trend that this man is setting for his followers.

What is most shocking, that youngsters are getting influenced by this, who are his followers and are vociferously promoting, projecting and being disrespectful towards our national sentiments and heritage.

It is shameful and a pity that a social media network is being used by unscrupulous individuals like him, to gain publicity and popularity at the cost of the national heritage.

We urge you to take cognizance of all our discord and take the necessary action.