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Not only is the thought of killing dogs absolutely agonizing but to torture them before they die?! Now that is inhumane. Help sign this petition regarding the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in which 10 000-15 000 dogs are brutally slaughted for the celebration of boosting the local economy around a sadistic event that was already taking place.

A large portion of these dogs are often stolen domesticated canines that are harshly abused before they die. This annual event angers me as majority of the people in China don't even consume the dog meat. I do not have enough words to convey the importance of the correct treatment towards animals let alone these defenseless suffering dogs that have no say in this.

We can't boycott the streets of China but what we can do is we can promise, we can promise to try and not support Chinese products and we can sign this petition that will create awareness and spread the important notion of preventing animal cruelty in China. 

We all have voices and powerful ones at that, we need to start using them. 

Remember we have a choice, the animals don't.