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Stop the Cyber-Propaganda that encourage the abuse and mistreatment of animals.

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Although every day there is more culture towards animals, we see that social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc ... do not have strong policies towards pages that incite violence against animals.

In social networks children who are the future of our planet have access to this type of content which can encourage them to participate in these types of activities and to believe that it is a common and correct practice.

Today I report one of the many pages on Facebook "Wild Africa Hunting Safaris" and the awful response from Facebook were they consider that the page does not violate any of the community rules. Although in the community rules there is a parable that says "it is forbidden to use Facebook to facilitate or organize criminal activities that cause injuries or material damages to business people or animals" 

In the Facebook page "Wild Africa Hunting Safaris" and in many others, they organize trips in which the only purpose its to harm animals, In this same page the creator expresses that there are lions, elephants and many other animals available to hunt. Only with an "inbox" they can fix the hunting, so how is the page does conform to the community rules of Facebook? 

Let us help Facebook to be more strict with this type of pages and that this type of practices are not within the reach of children, since indirectly Facebook does not remove the pages supports and incites violence against animals and the destruction of our planet.

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