Stop Terrorist Violence Spreading on Facebook

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On Friday, a man walked into a mosque, killed 50 people as they prayed, and live-streamed it from his phone. He is a terrorist and Facebook was his tool to send his message to the world.

Social media is used as a platform to inspire attacks. His live-stream wasn’t the end. The video emerged, and re-emerged over and over again. Why did a multi-billion dollar company not have the technology to stop it from spreading? The company say it removed 1.5 million videos of the attack worldwide in the 24 hours after the shootings, 1.2 million of which were blocked at upload. That’s still 300,000 uploads that made it on to the platform.

I’ve started this petition calling on Facebook to increase its efforts and publish a statement on what it will do to stop the re-emergence of violent content which is live streamed.

There needs to be a pro-active response with detecting terrorist violence. Not a single person reported the video of the Christchurch terror attack while it was being streamed live, Facebook says. It allowed it to be viewed thousands of times and reposted to filesharing websites.

Families of the victims have been subjected to others seeing their loved ones brutally killed.

As the founder of hate-crime monitoring group TellMama, we see everyday how violent content inspires others to attack. For seven years, we’ve been putting pressure on companies to understand the consequences of the platforms. This is frankly not good enough when they make enormous profits and when hate and violent extremism is streamed through their platform. 

We’ve heard of vows to do more - but this is not good enough.

Please help us to stop this by signing this petition and by letting Facebook see that they must take action, whether this is through artificial intelligence assets or manual resources to ensure that this does not ever happen again. They owe it to the families of these victims and in ensuring that no-one has to go through this in the future. Enough is enough!