Stop Facebook From Silencing My Fight Against Obesity

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My name is Jane Mukami and I have been working to fight the obesity epidemic in Africa for many years now.

(Statistics from my home country of Kenya in East Africa show that over 33% of women are overweight or obese.)

One of my tools for helping people overcome obesity has been Facebook groups that I've created including:

  • 21 Days of Change Facebook group (200,000+ members)
  • 10 Day Detox Facebook group (150,000+ members)

The 21 Days of Change Facebook group actually received an award at the OLX Social Media Awards for creating positive change in Kenya through social media. That was back in October of 2015 when the group only had 60,000 members.

Well on October 3rd 2017 Facebook shut down and removed my groups without any warning and without any explanation.

Over the years we have done our best to follow the rules and guidelines for groups that Facebook set forth. If there was any reason to shut them down then we at least deserve to know and remedy the situation! But after 6 customer service tickets have been ignored we have no choice but to start this petition because Facebook does not provide any other way to contact them.

I urge Facebook to reinstate these groups without delay.

The groups are spaces that fight the obesity epidemic. They are spaces that allow members to create healthy lifestyles as they follow my monthly challenges. Members in these communities also share health and wellness ideas, challenges, their battles, their victories and they offer group sharing in an online environment that makes them feel safe, loved, appreciated and, most importantly, heard.

Countless friendships, mini groups and meetups have also sprout from these Facebook groups.

Facebook, you are silencing communities that are geared towards changing lives for the better and combating lifestyle diseases caused by unhealthy lifestyles.

These groups have become a big part of our lives and its members are grateful that Facebook has provided a platform that allows them to get healthy.

Here is a very small sample of the countless love letters I've received from group members over the years:

  • "Thanks a lot Jane Mukami for what you've done to my life. I was 142 kgs (313lbs) when I joined the group and now I am 105kgs (231lbs). May you live long to help others." - Trezah Oluoch
  • "From 187lbs to 170lbs. Thank you for this group for the motivation and encouragement." - Mungai Suzy
  • "What a transformation.. I started my journey last year October... from 105kgs (231lbs) to 85kgs (187lbs)." - Naomy Terry

Facebook, please do not keep these online communities away from the people who need them most.

Please sign this petition and please share it with you friends - we need our communities back!

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