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Stop Pornography on Facebook

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Pornography has been an issue lately on Facebook. This is visited by children,and is not appropriate for posting nudity. Let's keep it clean!

These are just a few posts from concerned members.

 The past 2-3 years has gone far to far with porn, where as since i joined in 2006 I never saw anything and was rather safe from the outside world of internet sites. Last year spammers found a way to get into social networks and the increased amount was around 355% that is a very big amount of spammers/scammers, thus adding more spam links especially from porn sites. A page on facebook I saw yesterday particularly what surprised me was the fact that it was created on the 10th of March just a few days ago and got within 48 hours around over 50,000 likes. This is our social network dirty people that accept the fact of porn on facebook! Hard to believe?! Nicholas Kyriakides

I was reading a post this morning only to find it vulgarly descriptive. I shall not even begin to describe the contents. Pictures are painted in words and the last thing anyone needs is a child asking what they mean. I'm glad you're all here to listen to me vent without feeling like I'm wrong or something. If the group does anything at all, it can help one another. We may not change the world. But we can change our feelings toward it.    George Maris  

I was totally floored to see a pornographic profile pic with the comment being 'watch live sex'. I reported it right away and was shocked my complaint was denied. So i tried 3 more times to no avail. I DO NOT understand when the dirty pic was there for all to see! the site was called 'hits videos' which i cannot send a complaint to, block it or get to it in anyway for to make an attempt to stop them. It is if this site has "armour" around it. I'm in shock at such filth! Is there something or some law protecting the bad guys that i dont know about? Why wont FB block it? Lisa Boggs 


 I have had several nasty experiences of my own. I also run several groups on FB and adopt a 'zero tolerance' policy regarding offensive material and bad language. Geoff Mynn

I hope Facebook gets the message. If you agree with this petition, please sign it. It's important that FB khows how its members feel about this issue. It's not funny when children veiw these posts.It gives off the wrong message,.


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