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Stop giving "trophy" hunters a platform on Facebook

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Facebook, as a major social platform, has a moral obligation. Promoting violence and cruelty by giving insecure individuals a platform to display their "trophies", namely helpless and often endangered animals, is failing this responsibility completely. 

Those "hunters" don't hunt for food, they hunt for pleasure and the need to satisfy their thirst for blood and social media recognition. By offering them this platform, Facebook plays an active role in this violent and cowardly act. 

The deaths of those poor creatures serve no justifiable purpose. Apart from causing unnecessary harm and suffering, trophy hunting seriously endangers our environmental balance and because of that many species are now on the verge of extinction.

Hunting is not a sport. In most cases the animal doesn't stand a chance against modern weaponry, while the hunters' lives are never even remotely in any danger. How is that a fair competition? 

Furthermore, those images are incredibly disrespectful to a growing number of people worldwide because killing any animal for sport is morally offensive to any sensitive human being. 

Thus, we ask Facebook to take over their moral and social responsibility and ban pictures of smiling "trophy" hunters. Thereby, actively removing the public platform these insecure individuals need to justify and glorify their horrendous actions.

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