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Stop the use of Facebook for illegal trafficking of endangered species.

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Facebook, a platform for connecting friends and family and social interaction is being used for a more insidious agenda. Recent evidence has highlighted that animal traffickers are increasingly using Facebook as a vector to connect with potential buyers, many of which are naive to the vulnerability of the species they are being sold. The TRAFFIC team working in South-east Asia have identified up to 14 groups of traffickers, targeting more than 80 different species for use in the pet trade, mostly originating from Malaysia. Affected species include: the Malayan Sun Bear, Sunda Slow Loris, Smooth-Coated Otter, White-Handed Gibbon and Blood Python. The advertised species are protected under the Convention for International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES) which restricts and prohibits international trade. Facebook acknowledges the problem and says "It will not hesitate to remove any content that violates our Terms of Service" but this growing problem demands nothing short of a concerted online response to force the company into action to work with organisations like PERHILITAN and other law enforcement agencies to track down the traffickers themselves. Together, through this petition we aim to show them that we do not condone the pawning off of vulnerable communities natural resources for a quick buck. 

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