Facebook: Stop Censoring The Truth About the Barbaric Dairy Industry!

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Since 2012, our facebook page "THE BLOODY DAIRY INDUSTRY" (which is in the process of being a non-profit organization) has been passionate about educating the public about the dairy industry. Also since 2012, the dairy industry in the U.S. has been losing profit due to more and more Americans switching to delicious, humane, plant-based version of dairy products.

In an attempt to revive sales, in January of 2015, the dairy industry launched a social media campaign. The campaign failed as dairy sales kept declining.

Then earlier this year, the U.S. senate issued a $1 BILLION handout to the dairy industry (the dairy industry already makes BILLIONS and does NOT need tax payers' hard-earned money). The dairy industry went on to launch another campaign in February of 2018. The campaign, once again, failed as dairy sales kept declining.

Also earlier this year, QUIETLY and WITHOUT ANY REASON OR EXPLANATION, facebook started deleting several of our VIRAL posts that had been up for YEARS in addition to categorizing our entire page as SPAM. One of the posts that facebook deleted had been viewed nearly 1.8 MILLION times and was visited, each week, by HUNDREDS, SOMETIMES THOUSANDS, of consumers who had been duped, for decades, by the multi-million dollar "happy cows" advertisements and "humane" dairy marketing gimmicks.  

NONE of the deleted posts, which were educational in nature, were graphic (even if they had been graphic, facebook refuses to delete even videos & photos that promote and glorify dog-fighting). NONE of the deleted posts violated any of facebook's community rules, which is why facebook sent us no warnings or e-mails, giving reasons for their removal. What all of these deleted posts have in common is they were extremely informative and eye-opening as well as frequently viewed and/or shared. 

Every single time we reached out to facebook to find out why a specific post was removed QUIETLY and WITHOUT ANY REASON OR EXPLANATION, we have received zero response. Yet facebook continues deleting one viral post after another. We believe that facebook is being influenced by the dairy industry that has a history of playing dirty by

1) lobbying politicians so politicians use their legal power to enforce what the dairy industry wants

(learn how lobbying works and corrupts America: https://act.represent.us/sign/the-problem

learn how much the dairy industry gives to politicians every year: https://www.opensecrets.org/lobby/indusclient.php?id=A04&year=2018

2) funding "scientific" studies that conclude that dairy is healthy and essential for humans (learn more:
a) https://tinyurl.com/ybnjqar7 b) https://tinyurl.com/jhg5kl5 
c) https://tinyurl.com/pl3kzad   d) https://tinyurl.com/ycpgaemc)

3) appointing its employees or affiliates to create Government Dietary Guidelines that the public considers to be the ultimate authority for eating healthy (learn more: a) https://tinyurl.com/yavb3yhz b) https://tinyurl.com/y8xs4ene)

etc. By signing this petition, you are asking Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook to restore all the deleted content as well as to stop harassing and discriminating against pages & users whose goal is to educate the public so that the public can make informed choices.

Thank you for your time, support and help.