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Stop Censoring Steven Argue, Leftists, Pro-Palestinians, Anti-Racists, Opponents of Police Terror and Others on Facebook

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Not long ago a political colleague was effectively censored on facebook book. Here is what happened:

"I can't log into my FB profile from my computer anymore on false pretenses of my computer having malware. It does not. They demand I download their malware. defense system in order to remove this nonexistent malware. I already have a good malware defense in place. All attempts to jump through that hoop fail because FB's site will not even download. As I see this, it smells fishy. I think, through this means, FB, after repeatedly censoring me, has found a way to largely remove me from FB."

Steven Argue has been previously censored for posting stuff against Israel's genocide against Palestinians. Other Pro-Palestinians have been censored too. Not only that but people who have posted stuff protesting police terror against blacks are also routinely censored. The fact is quite a few leftists have been censored on facebook when there is no legitimate basis on their "community standards" to censor such people. Steven Argue is an example but their are plenty of other people who have been censored. If they can censor him they can censor any of us. An injury to on is an injury to all.

Ironically supports of Neo-Nazi groups like Right Sector don't get banned even when reported to facebook. In the same vein facebook has allowed people to post the confederate flag (a flag of racism, slavery and Klan terror). They have also allowed advocates of eugenics, supporters of ablest terrorist and fascist front-man Robert Latimer, apologists for European colonialism, support for killing off "the sick, disabled, elderly and infirm" etc. This despite that fact that facebook is supposed to have "community standards" against such groups and posts.

It is quite clear that a lot of the censorship has nothing to do with the stated "Community Standards" and everything to do with what Zuckerberg and Co. support or oppose politically. It is obvious that Zuckerberg and Co. have no moral authority to censor anyone.

This petition demands:

* Stop censoring Steven Argue, myself (Michael Gregory) and Carlos A. Rivera-Jones.

* Stop censoring other leftists on facebook as well as left-wing political groups and pages and political events.

* Stop censoring Pro-Palestinian activists on facebook as well as Pro-Palestinian political groups and pages and political events.

* Stop censoring anti-racists activist and activists against police terror on facebook as well as anti-racist political groups and pages and political events on facebook as well as political groups and political events opposing police terror on facebook.

* Stop censoring supporters of the anti-ISIS, Kurdish militants PKK and YPG.

* Abolish the rule against "fake names" (or at the very least, only ban people who assume the identity of real life AND living individuals, not historical figures, fictional characters or made up names).

* Stop censoring people, groups, pages and events for political views that are clearly not in violation of facebooks "community standards".

* Stop monitoring facebook user's every move.

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