STOP adults from accessing unknown children on social media!!

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Over the past five years, we (volunteers of CreeperHunterTV) have sought out and captured (on video), over 100 adult persons across North America who expressed a desire and attempted to meet up with whom they believed to be a child (under the age of 15). In all of the cases, the adult's primary motivation was sexual in nature.  All of these adults wanting to meet children, used social media of some kind to try and gain access to what they believed was underage persons. While some of these adults were charged with criminal offences, the criminal justice system may not be an effective method for deterrence or protecting children and vulnerable persons.  

WHEREAS “Vulnerable Persons*” may not be adequately protected on social media platforms from people or persons in Canada or abroad whose intentions are to exploit, sexualize or otherwise harm; and

Vulnerable Persons may be bullied, targeted, threatened, blackmailed or otherwise harassed by others online; and

Inadequate controls currently exist within existing legislation to sufficiently mitigate the risk of harm to Vulnerable Persons on social media platforms which increases the likelihood of harm to those unable to assess their own risk; and

Social media platforms continue to be introduced and provide more opportunity for harm to Vulnerable Persons; and

Preventing access to social media platforms by Vulnerable Persons can be achieved in part through age verification measures which the Government of Canada (and other world governments) have the means to mandate; and

This can help to support a greater initiative by governments to protect the online safety of Vulnerable People across the world. 

We, the undersigned, citizens of the world, call on all federal governments across the world to: 

1. Commit to protecting Vulnerable Persons from harm whilst using social media platforms.

2. Create, implement and enforce an Act, Statute, Legislation or Regulation to empower ISPs (internet service providers) in enforcing such Regulations and to demand a minimum age threshold and system for verifying age of end users, from creators of electronic device applications, social media websites and related businesses.  


*Vulnerable persons are any individuals who are susceptible to abuse or mistreatment because of the individual's circumstances, including but not limited to the individual's age, physical or mental disability, illness, or otherwise, who cannot to protect themselves from violence, abuse or neglect.