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Keep Facebook fair and its rules content-neutral!

Facebook and Instagram are currently being used to facilitate free speech, association, and the sharing of ideas. They also help people exercise other Constitutionally-protected rights, including lawful sales and trades of firearms between private individuals.

Unfortunately, some hate groups like Moms Demand Action and its founder Shannon Watts don't like that millions of Americans enjoy their First and Second Amendment rights. So, they started a petition using misinformation and spin tactics to push their anti-gun agenda on Facebook and Instagram executives.

I think of Facebook and Instagram as places to share photos of family, friends, and things I'm interested in, like legal firearms and going to the range. I realize that Ms. Watts wants everyone to "feel safe and secure," but I simply refuse to let them undermine our fundamental right to keep and bear arms to accomplish that impossible goal.

They say they want "common sense" gun control, but, as is evidenced by their bullying tactics to force Facebook and Instagram to shut down speech they don't like, what they really want is a complete repeal of the Second Amendment.

Gun owners and Constitutional patriots are among Facebook's largest and most loyal audiences. We need to tell Facebook loud and clear that cutting off law-abiding gun owners and their pages would be offensive -- and the last straw.

It's not ok to target only firearm enthusiasts for excessively-restrictive rules. If our culture is going to be unjustly attacked, shouldn't Facebook also ban the bullying, anti-civil rights hate speech from groups like Moms Demand Action?

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  • Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO
  • Kevin Systrom, Instagram CEO

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