Facebook: Save Nonprofits From Being Silenced With #FacebookAdGrants

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Facebook: Save Nonprofits From Being Silenced With #FacebookAdGrants

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On December 5th, 2013 Ad Age revealed Facebook admitting to the fact that marketers are going to have to pay to reach their fans (Likes).  

We understand and commend Facebook’s efforts to keep our personal newsfeeds as relevant and meaningful as possible. We also understand that as a public company, Facebook’s #1 priority is to keep their shareholders happy. From a monetization standpoint it makes sense for Facebook to charge companies to promote their content, however all of the recent changes to the newsfeed have put nonprofits at a significant disadvantage.

According to Facebook, on average a post only reaches 15% of a page’s existing fans organically. In order to reach a larger number of current page likes, companies are encouraged to pay to promote their posts. While the big brands can afford to pay to reach their fans, this pay-to-play model is hurting nonprofits. Most nonprofits simply can't afford to pay more money to ensure that their posts are seen by the volunteers, supporters, and donors that have already liked the organization on Facebook.

Today we ask Facebook to step up their support for nonprofits worldwide and launch a Facebook Ad Grants program.

In 2005, Facebook’s current COO Sheryl Sandberg was Google’s VP of Global Online Sales and Operation, where she directed Google Ad Grants, a program that gives nonprofits $10,000 every month to advertise on Google.com. Facebook has the talent, resources, and technology in place to launch Facebook Ad Grants. In the event that Facebook hasn’t already determined how a nonprofit ad grant program could work, here are some suggestions that we feel take into consideration the needs of nonprofits as well as the user experience:

• $10,000 per month Ad Grant given to nonprofits with formal accreditation - $333 per day (encourages nonprofits to commit to creating/sharing daily content)

• Nonprofits need at least 2,000 likes to be eligible (shows a commitment to the platform and willingness to invest in growing fanbase)

• Ad Grant can only be used on Promoted Post ad product and targeted to current page likes (ensures that ads are only reaching people that already like the nonprofit)

• Posts eligible for free promotion must have at least 6% engagement rate (nonprofits will need to create good content that is resonating with their audience in order to prove they are worthy to be shown to a larger set of fans)

Sign this petition to encourage Facebook to launch Facebook Ad Grants to save nonprofits from being silenced on the world’s largest social network.

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