Convince Facebook to reverse its unfair ban of my partner, Brad Keimach

Convince Facebook to reverse its unfair ban of my partner, Brad Keimach

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Brad Keimach has been on Facebook for more than a decade, now -- posting uplifting messages, inspirational memes, using it to promote his business Beach Yoga with Brad (now Beach Yoga SoCal, as he retired and sold it to another teacher), connect with friends from high school, and Juilliard, as well as family members to add to his extensive family tree on 

(See for a Sunset Beach Yoga example, and the community-nurturing beach yoga business that Brad founded in 2008 and operated until selling it in 2018.)  

He's a wonderful human being who's committed his life to positive change, personal growth, mentoring others (from adult yoga students to generations of classical musician kids/teenagers through his music direction/conducting of the Glendale Youth Orchestra).  Brad's wide circle of those he's mentored over decades is maintained via Facebook. 

(See Brad's work with the GYO here:  )

Since retiring two years ago, Brad began adding political commentary & social justice messages to his Facebook wall, in addition to all his other beautiful uses of Facebook.  

Over the last few months, he was sentenced to Facebook Jail a couple of times, for posts that were apparently in violation of Facebook's TOS, flagged by the Facebook algorithm.  

The first was a meme comparing Adolph Hitler to Donald Trump -- one that I've seen circulating on social media platforms since 2016 without reprisals. The second was a cartoon of an elderly woman reading the suicide note of her hanging husband, saying "you spelled 'constant criticism' wrong!!!!!" -- possibly in poor taste, as mordant humor -- but Facebook flagged it as a violation of self-harm guidelines.  

These violations came with pauses in his ability to use Facebook -- one was a day's suspension, another was for three days.  They were mystifying, and he appealed the suspensions through the Facebook platform. 

The third violation was multi-faceted -- Brad has a habit of saving up memes that are interesting, or catalyzing discussion/thought, or inspiring, or hilarious, and then posts 10-14 memes at a time, on his Facebook wall (which can trigger the Facebook alerts, we found out, as false or bot accounts apparently do this).  

One of the memes had an image of Adolph Hitler on one side, with Prince Leopold of Belgium, on the other, referencing the fact that Hitler's genocide (of mostly Jewish people) is well-known throughout the Western industrialized world, but the Belgian Congo genocide that Leopold presided over (10-15 million Africans killed) is not taught in schools, or widely known. The implication was that Black African lives are considered less important that European lives (Jewish or otherwise).  

Did I mention that Brad is, himself, Jewish?  He would never post anything that implied Holocaust denial, or minimizing the impact of the Nazi Holocaust on Jewish people! (But it seems that this meme was taken to be anti-Semitic?!) 

For posting this meme, Brad's account was not only disabled, but he was warned that his Facebook account was facing possible TERMINATION, permanently banned from the platform.  

He filed the appeal form through Facebook, to the mysterious "Oversight Board," who would render the final judgment, and then waited for weeks to hear the result. 

The email message came today, that Brad Keimach -- beloved Juilliard-trained orchestral conductor and mentor to generations of young musicians, Beach Yoga teacher and positive force in the lives of thousands of Los Angelenos over the years, pillar of his local and online community -- has been permanently banned from Facebook.  

This means that generations of music and yoga students, who've looked up to Brad Keimach and continued their connection with him over the decades, can't find him any more, to ask questions and stay in touch.  His colleagues from a Massachusetts high school, and from Juilliard, can't find him. His extensive family tree of relatives can't find him. 

This is an outrageous decision, utterly unfair and unreasoned, on the part of Facebook... and apparently the only way to contest it is to draw attention to his individual situation -- as well as writing to various email addresses at Facebook, including the Oversight Board.  

We are hoping that the Oversight Board, or Facebook in general, will agree to re-open this case, examine his history on Facebook more closely, and reverse this unfair decision.  

That's where you come in!  

Please, please, sign and share this petition widely -- so that we can get Brad Keimach reinstated on Facebook again as soon as possible.  

Thank you for your support and care! 

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