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Restore The Disabled Facebook Accounts of Genuine People Who Did Nothing Wrong

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Imagine if you woke up one morning to find your Facebook profile completely gone with a blink of an eye. You are not being able to login or view anything. You do not appear on your friends' profiles either. Any message you ever sent to anyone is also gone and is instead marked as 'spam/abuse' in the conversation. All the content you have accumulated over ten years just disappears into thin air. This is exactly what has happened to many of us.

On Saturday morning, Facebook began disabling millions of accounts it perceived to be fake, from countries three particular countries: Bangladesh, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia [Moves to Take Down a Spammer Ring]. This was in an attempt to derail the spam operations of Facebook bot profiles which have increasingly been seen around popular Facebook pages. While this is a desirable goal, in reality it has also disabled THOUSANDS of REAL accounts of genuine people. I am one such person. And so are the thousands of people in Bangladesh who are frantically hoping to find a way to re-enable their beloved accounts. We have done nothing to violate the terms and conditions of Facebook and yet we have lost our account without ANY warning, notice, reason or explanation whatsoever. There is an appeal process whereby we can submit a valid ID for verificaiton, but there is no mention of how long this will take and it already been over a week that appeals have been submitted but there is no word from Facebook. Many in the past have reported they never heard back from Facebook or they permanently disabled their accounts in spite of receiving valid ID.

I know many people may feel this is trivial or not as important since we can just simply open a new Facebook account. However, many of us have priceless memories, content and information on Facebook, such as years of messages, photos, writings and posts which we have not stored anywhere else. The messages and photos with loved ones who have left this world are particularly priceless and irreplaceable. This petition asks Facebook to restore all disabled accounts after having received authentic identity papers immediately. Please, put yourself in our shoes, and imagine if your virtual life was unfairly taken from you- without any reason and without any notice. Please support and sign this petition!

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