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Facebook rescind the ban of legal sales of livestock on your site! Help protect farmers!

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Facebook has recently started cracking down on all animals sales, but in doing so they are harming the millions of people on Facebook who use the site to sell legal livestock, farm implements related to livestock, animal husbandry services and items, and the adoption of said animals that are in need. Responsible farmers and ranchers do NOT support puppy mills, animal flipping, or other abusive practices but we DO support the sale of legal livestock designed for farm work or human consumption and the adoption of needy animals through Facebook pages and groups.

Farmer's, ranchers, and rural families NEED Facebook to advertise the legal sale of livestock and related items because it...

  • Allows rural individuals to connect with others in their area in a way that cannot be accomplished on other networking or sales sites.
  • Allows animals owners to screen potential buyers and buyers to screen potential sellers. There is no anonymity on Facebook which allows for the ability to remove animals hoarders and flippers from groups.
  • Allows people to network to purchase and sell organic raised meats ready for consumption without having to buy from overcrowded feedlots.
  • Sales by farmers and ranchers directly to the public create self sufficiency and overall better animal welfare.

Removing the legal sale of livestock and related items from Facebook can potentially...

  • Enable animal flippers and hoarders to go back to working anonymously.
  • Increase the number of horses slaughtered if owners aren't able to find the horses a home through sales and adoptions and are forced to take them to public auction where kill buyers frequently lurk.
  • Reduce the self sustainability of rural families who rely on the sales of livestock to provide financial support.

Please consider changing these rules to help support legal livestock sales.

Thank you,
Farmers and Ranchers everywhere


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