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Where we have come so far to ending Trophy Hunting, and this person continues to post comments and photo's of herself with the animal she just killed a smile and let's not forget, the  weapon she used to kill it....This is glorifying killing, animal abuse, violence and cruelty against animals. She claims that hunter's have the right to kill and justifies her hunting addiction as a need feed her family, supporting conservation and helping to feed needy villagers in Africa.   Both excuses have been proven invalid and as far as feeding her family, Eating lions, polar bears, giraffes, leopards, elephants is unethical and should be outlawed anyway because they are endangered species...Killing animals for fun is wrong and the pictures are disturbing..

We are trying to put an end to this type of activity to save these creatures from extinction, and create a world where animal abuse will become a thing of the past.  This will allow our next generations will have the same honor we did, sharing this world with them....After all...Trophy Hunting is a form of Poaching, they both hunt for similar reasons  but the outcome is always the same....Coward style killing, removing body parts and leaving an undignified corpse to rot or be devoured by other predators.   

The final outcome is a dead animal..These photo's should not be permissible by Facebook.