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Today, we came across this page, called Your Allergies Are Bullshit on Facebook. The page makes fun of food allergic people calling them weak and making fun of things like medic alert bracelets, epinephrine and the importance of raising awareness of the severity of food allergies. As teens with multiple life threatening food allergies, we know first hand how scary and serious anaphylactic reactions can be. According to the CDC, 15 million Americans have food allergies. That is about 2 in every classroom. If  food allergic people made up a state, they would have a bigger population than 45 of the 50 states. The truth is food allergies aren't a joke and they don't just affect the food allergic individual, they affect their family members and friends. In disgust, we reported the page to Facebook hoping they would take it down. Unfortunately, Facebook didn't see making fun of 15 million people as enough reason to remove the page. If someone claimed people were faking cancer or type one diabetes the page would be removed in a heart beat. Please sign this petition and help prove to Facebook that this page is offensive and violates the community Facebook claims it upholds. 

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Reed and Lily 

P.S. To hear more of Reed's food raps (as featured in the video), click here.

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