Remove the page "The Resurrection Lives on" from Facebook

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The link above belongs to a Facebook page titled "The Resurrection Lives on." The profile is full of graphic images that display the abuse and killing of innocent animals. Aside from the clear depictions of animal cruelty, in several of the images CHILDREN can be seen not only holding dead or injured animals, but shaking and choking them as well. Subjecting children to acts of cruelty and encouraging them to carry out violent acts is not only neglectful but abusive. Along with animal cruelty and child abuse, the page is full of other hateful and disturbing messages. This can be seen most recently in a post in which the author says "Cheers!" regarding the recent plane crash that killed so many innocent people in the French Alps. It is quite possible that this entire page is run by one disturbed individual that steals images to make it seem like he has followers, but this is irrelevant and the issue is that these images and messages are public and can be viewed by anyone with internet access. It should simply not exist. When this page was reported, Facebook noted that it could not be removed because it does not directly violate their terms and conditions. This came as quite a surprise considering images such as a woman breastfeeding an infant have been reported as too graphic for Facebook, and are quickly removed. This lack of action on behalf of Facebook is inexcusable. Personally, I think that any promotion of violence towards animals, especially when children are being used for such a sick agenda, should be a violation of Facebook's terms. While that addition may take work, right now I am asking that Facebook remove this page immediately, and I hope that you will join me by signing this petition and sharing it with those you know. 

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