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As you're most likely aware a new troll is taking the internet by a storm, that goes by the name by " Cassidy Boon ". The known Feminist from blogging website The Portly Gazelle regularly posts articles in relation to Sexism, Racism and Feminism. However, her posts are to gain satisfaction by Disrupting and Agitating the online Facebook and Youtube community, which is commonly known as " Trolling ". Her rants are in fact exactly the opposite of what she is portraying them to be, which, obviously disturbs anyone to read and watch her updates.

Some of her previous Articles posted on The Portly Gazelle :

* A man Saved me from drowning but now I am suing him for rape because he touched me

* My open letter to notch : why Minecraft is sexist and needs to be banned

* All you English people need to stop drinking tea - It's racist towards Indians

Are examples of her attempt to disorient the online Audience, As well some of her previously uploaded rants on her Facebook page in relation to :

* Vegemite being racist due to the colour of the Spread

* Why it's okay for girls to cheat on guys

* Aussie girls are Dogs compared to me

The troll is Unfortunately gaining the popularity from her online rants, however for all the wrong reasons, which is clearly upsetting the community, her rants are manipulative and irritating which are out of hand.

As a proud Australian and part of the Australian Audience, I have been insulted and embarrassed by her negative and excessively reckless taunts she has flaunted, by targeting our native Aboriginal society and our all round Australian community. In relation to the same topic, I also speak for our New-Zealand neighbours, who have also been impacted in almost exactly the same way, I also speak for whom or what she may  unnecessarily target next.

Cassidy is also trying to manipulate the online community to support her with her rants, by donating money for her needs of general communication and to publicly advertise her page with a string of dramatic hash-tags which raises further outrage amongst us. Facebook has enough drama to inflict us with, let's try to make some of it disappear.

This petition is created to remove the blogger from the Facebook community, so she cannot agitate the community any longer. Sign and share this petition. It's for a good cause. #Removethevirus

Despite the small amount of petitions for removing Cassidy from Facebook on that haven't yet succeeded, lets do our best to make this one legitimate!

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