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Remove a page, as many pages as possible that are promoting dog abuse.

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There is page, probably one of many, that is supporting abuse of dogs. This page shows videos and pictures of dog abuse and glorifies it. There are hundreds of people 'liking' the posts and the page. It is absolutely disgusting. Despite hundreds of people reporting the page and showing their disgust on the page itself. Facebook refuses to remove it as it states there is no violation of their terms. This page is actively encouraging people to burn, hurt and kill dogs. If that isn't a threat of violence I dread to think what it would take for Facebook to consider this. If it were a page about abusing children, they would remove it. Why should it be allowed because it is a dog. Facebook needs to accept responsibility for just how much freedom of speech they allow. There have been many cases gone to court that have resulted in convictions simply because of a page or a website or a film suggesting people should commit crimes. If it was a page encouraging people to bomb somewhere repeatedly, would it be allowed? It is disgusting and something needs to be done. It IS a threat of violence and it IS malicious content. Please help me make them see that this should not be allowed.

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