Release Ali Javanmardi’s FB page

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To whom it may concern at Facebook,
Respectfully, after revealing news about the cowardly return of the political prisoner Mostafa Salimi by a security group affiliated with the ‘Patriotic Union of Iraqi Kurdistan’ (PUK) to the Islamic Revolutionary Guards and the subsequent immediate execution of this prisoner without trial, by the Iranian Regime, members of the PUK complained to Facebook and reported Ali Javanmardi’s page.

The Islamic Republic of Iran made a similar complaint against Ali Javanmardi’s Instagram account with a fake claim, and as such the account was recovered shortly after legal action and letters of explanation.
Considering the page:

What is crucial to realize here is that the Islamic Republic of Iran has hired a designated group of mercenary cyber army as proxies to project power through cyberspace with the goal of restricting, or even permanently blocking Ali Javanmardi’s account through generating false reports, solely because of the fact that Ali Javanmardi is a freelance reporter and an adamant whistle blower of this groups hidden political agenda, therefore it is in their best interest to limit or restrict his newscasting reach.
Since unfortunately Ali Javanmardi’s account has been restricted by Facebook without investigation as to the legitimacy and truth of the complaint, we are providing this letter of explanation so as to clarify any misunderstanding in this regard and rectify the account.
Ali Javanmardi is a freelance journalist with a large audience reach of 154k Facebook followers, and a provider of the facts and news about the Islamic Republic of Iran, the country whose affiliated mercenaries and organizations are especially recognized under U.S law, and the International Terrorist Law, and as such it is not beyond their capacity to lie, make false accusations and illegal claims.
According to the provisions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the spirit governing it in particular Article 19:
“Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers”.
We hereby announce and confirm that no violation has been committed by the aforementioned Facebook page and point out that that the report and false claim received by Facebook company in this regard has been from and belonging to a terrorist country and its affiliated groups, and as such; we hereby request that the principle of innocence be used as a general and fundamental principle in the well-known rights of individuals in the world and demand to remove all restriction from Ali Javanmardi’s page.

It is natural that a totalitarian and dictatorial government like the Islamic Republic of Iran, having nothing but war and hatred for the world, even holding its own citizens hostage, would not find it desirable for its actions to be made known, but your action in restricting the real news in the world’s media is against the existing moral principles for peace and international security which has always been the goal of the international community.

With the above-mentioned letter of explanation, We, the people of Iran, expect that with your fair decision and diligent response in releasing Ali Javanmardi’s page immediately, you will join in our conquest for liberation of the oppressed Iranian people and contribute to our counterterrorism strategies providing a safer world for all other countries currently facing the danger of terrorist activities.