Reinforce policy to prevent showing animal abuse on Facebook

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We just read the Facebook guidelines that Facebook wrote for their reviewers published by the Guardian ( and cannot but be horrified by the boldness with which Facebook let his users post animal cruelty. It seems the rules are written by some sort of animal sadist.

How can they do that? 

With this petition, we ask them to stop showing cruelty to animals. 

It's not any longer a question of a single picture or video, we have now the brochures (thanks to The Guardian) which show how they instruct their reviewers to do when they see animal cruelty. To us, the same rules they apply to prevent showing human cruelty, should be applied to animals!

Let's make a change on this social media and ask them to reinforce their policy in order to prevent showing violence. This might also lead to emulate violence to animals.

We are not from the USA. Should you have suggestions on which other authorities or organizations should we address this to, please shout out!

Thank you very much for your support.

Narcissa at Narcissistic Notes (facebook fan page)

 UPDATE: as many of you ask about the picture of the dragged pup in our petition, It's sadly not a picture from facebook or the Internet. it's an example, a guidance on the textbook - reviewers need to study on - about what animal abuse is acceptable on Facebook. The dragged pup is perfectly acceptable. Are we joking, Facebook? 

Please sign the petition.