Protect Dean's children from seeing his disturbing last videos by removing them from FB.

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November 30, 2019, Dean H, in his unbearable grief and mentally unstable mindset, set out to avenge the death by overdose of the woman he loved, my daughter Melody. He set off on foot with the intention of getting revenge on the drug dealers. He was in a state of intense psychosis and posted extremely disturbing videos containing self harm, and other horrific images and videos while walking to the dealer's house. He was struck by a car and killed moments later and now these videos, despite numerous requests to have them removed, live on in infamy on Facebook for his children to see one day, and for trolls to continue to post disgusting comments that will also be seen by his children - not to mention the rest of his family and friends. PLEASE do not try to view these videos & posts. The more views they get, the harder it will be to remove them.

I am the grandmother of his youngest son, and I am also now that child's legal guardian. My hope is to get enough signatures where Facebook will see past the money they could make on such damaging posts and take them down. I would think that pictures, videos and posts of self harm, animal mutilation, threats of suicide and violence toward others would be a violation of their rules. Most of us have had lesser offenses removed from our FB pages!

By signing this petition our plea is for Facebook to protect Dean's children and remove his page, or all photos and videos posted on the day of his death, November 30, 2019. At the very least, remove the disturbing and graphic posts of self harm and animal mutilation along with the threats to himself and others or... Simply make his profile private.

This man was in more pain and had experienced more trauma in his life than most of us would ever have nightmares about. Let's not pass judgment on him. Let's respect that mental illness was in play, instead of exploit his illness. Will you help me by signing and sharing this petition?