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Prevention of "Trolling" by adults and peers

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  This Petition is dedicated to Amanda Cummings, but it is also for all the children affected by cyber bullying. In a world where technology rules social media, new rules and regulations need to be established for protecting our children.

Read Amanda's story here :

All social media sites, mainly facebook, need to take in account the very serious issues that bullying causes. This is NOT A WAR ON CENSORSHIP! I believe that we can offer facebook a simple counter option without censoring the masses. Freedom of speech is one thing, hate speech is far another.

Continue to SIGN and SHARE! Tweeter, Facebook, Tumblr, WHATEVER! Let's not let the memory of this girl and thousands of other children be forgotten!


WE thought we had attanined at least one  victory by Facebook removing the page (only after thousands of reports and days of reporting) by it removing the Memorable Page dedicated to her full of slander and hate messages, but another has taken it's place.

This is is why need to get this thing going! Why should this be allowed to happen? 


Another beautiful soul has been lost to bullying. From now on, I will post a name for every child who passes away from bullycide in 2012 until we get taken seriously.

1) Amanda Cummings (15)  2)Sheniz Erkan  (14) 3) Farid Hussain (15)

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