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Facebook Please Stop Restricting and Blocking our accounts from Saving Animals~

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We are a group of people working together to save animals, not as a commercial business, but free.

 Recently we have been threatened with having our accounts limited or blocked due to tagging our pictures, accepting tags and sharing pictures, as well as sending friend requests. Many have had their accounts shut down permanently. Me being one of them.


We are asking Facebook to please re-consider punishing us for trying to save these animals. We are not spamming anyone by tagging them with our pictures, least of all, by ACCEPTING tags.  We are not harming anyone. We are saving precious lives!!

Facebook gives people the option to accept or decline, delete as well as unfriend if there is something they do not want on their page. Why have these at all, if you are going to limit our options with what we can do on our own pages!

There are thousands of us who feel very strongly about saving these animals from death and would truly appreciate your help in this matter as Facebook has become a great tool in letting us do what we all feel so strongly about~~SAVING ANMALS FROM DEATH~~

Please lift the limit for the amount of tags we may send or accept and what we can share. By only allowing a certain amount, you are hindering our efforts to save animals from certain death.

I don't think you realize, what a great saviour Facebook has been, for so many animals... and for that I thank you.. don't let these animals down~~

Sincerely, Kim Henriksen of Pound Pets 

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