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Facebook: Please put more options in your "gender" and "interested in..." parts of a person's "Basic Info" section.

Of all of the people on Facebook, not everybody is "male" or "female". Some people are bigender, trigender, genderfluid, pangender, etc.  Gender isn't "black and white", so to speak.  I would like all genders to be represented, to be listed. 

And in regards to the "Interested in..." section, not everybody is interested in men or women, or both.  There are more sexual identities that "gay", "lesbian", "bisexual" and "straight".  Some people are pansexual or asexual, for example.  In addition, some people just identify as "queer".  I want all sexual orientations to be listed also. I believe that the "interested in..." tab should be called "sexual orientation", as well. 

I would imagine that if Facebook made these changes, people, such as myself, would feel more included, more true to themselves if they can put the exact terms that describe them, what they identify as, in the "Basic Information" portion of their Facebook account.  

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I think that Facebook should put more options in their "Gender" and "Interested in..." section. I believe that they should be more inclusive of people that don't fit into the gender and sexual orientation ("interested in") options that Facebook currently provides. All sexual orientations and genders should be given as options in the appropriate parts of the "basic info" section of Facebook profiles.