Pitbull Hate Speech

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Facebook is a great place for people to gather in groups with other likeminded individuals. That is until they come together to form hate groups. Facebook has recently made some huge changes thanks to pressure from the government. They are cracking down on posts, photos, and comments containing violence, harassment, bullying, and hate speech. Facebook has made it clear that they won’t tolerate any of this. 

There are several groups on Facebook who continue to do these exact things, but any Facebook user can now report posts that contains any of these violations, and Facebook will remove the content permanently. As a pitbull owner I face a lot of criticism from others for having Pitbulls, and It can be an extremely sensitive topic for many people. There are a few groups out there who have made it their mission to eradicate all pitbull type dogs from the world forever. They gather in these hate groups and say horrific things about pitbulls and their owners to amp each other up. They talk about horrendous and very illegal activities about topics from poisoning them, bashing their heads in, shooting them, torturing them, adopting them just to immediately kill them, etc. 

This is a HUGE problem. These hate pages have literally created words to ridicule, harass, and degrade pitbull type dogs and their owners. Some of these terms include “shit bull owners, pit hag, pit pusher, child murderer, and pit nut or nutter.  All of these terms are extremely offensive and used ONLY to demean, embarrass, threaten, and bully other people who don’t agree with their position. Nothing good comes from people creating and using these hate words/labels. This is the EXACT DEFINITION of hate speech and we NEED Facebook to add these terms to be included as reportable, or going against community standards and removed. If we look back at history we see that creating and using words like these are very dangerous, and they only provoke fear, anger, hate, and violence by strictly dividing us all! Please SIGN and SHARE this petition to present to Facebook.