Petition to get social media to ban accounts advertising dogs/puppies for sale.

Petition to get social media to ban accounts advertising dogs/puppies for sale.

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Started by Gwenllian Morris

Despite Facebook and its affiliates stating animal sales are against guidelines, they do not seem to recognise blatant puppy farmers selling pages. I have often come across profiles of individuals who are puppy farmers or ear croppers, and when they are reported to Facebook for breach of standards, they are never removed. 

I would like to see parliament create legislation that holds social media companies to account, for continuing to allow puppy farmers to advertise themselves despite the introduction of stronger regulations regarding sales of puppies and kittens.

I would also like Facebook and other social media platforms to ban any account that clearly only exists to advertise the sale of puppies, or stud services. These accounts can only contribute to the deplorable actions of a few prolific 'breeders' who exploit and abuse animals. I would especially like if Facebook or Instagram would actually investigate accounts that are flagged with them. Removing individual posts is not enough. They need to look into the profiles of the people reported to them and remove them from their platform all together.

No animal should have to suffer being bred over and over again until their body fails and they are discarded. Puppy farmers make thousands of pounds from blood money, and they get away with advertising their services on a public platform as Facebook does not remove them.

I have decided to start this petition in the light of a recent court case that has been in the news. A married couple were fined over £400000 for animal abuse after failing to obtain a breeding licence and animal cruelty for breeding multiple litters. Despite this, they are still advertising their 'services' on Facebook and Instagram. Many animal lovers have tried to leave a comment highlighting their court case, however comments are simply removed or banned. Despite being reported to Facebook, the accounts are not removed.

It is appalling enough that these individuals got away without jailtime. But the fact they were not banned from owning dogs, and are therefore continuing to profit through Facebook advertising is beyond awful. I hope other animal lovers will help in the fight to end puppy farming.

518 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!